The Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO), Singapore is proud to announce that Prudential Singapore is our Gold Sponsor for our 2018/19 season. Together, we have launched the Music from the Heart™ project, an outreach initiative that endeavours to transform music provision for children and the elderly. Through our inclusive music activities, we aim to provide the basis for developing an informed and lifelong involvement in music.



TPO and Prudential Singapore recognise the power of music in influencing children/youths’ all-rounded development and how it should be an integral component in school curriculums.


Aside from introducing the fundamental concepts of music, the Music from the Heart™ project also provides exposure to different types of music all around the world to develop our beneficiaries’ awareness of and appreciation for music of various cultures and their functions in society.


Through our structured, weekly lessons, we hope to pique their interest in music, expose them to the fundamentals of music literacy and increase their depth of appreciation for music in the future.




Music offers powerful potential for enhancing health and wellbeing in old age. Our weekly engagement sessions with the elderly focus on music-making to reap the physical, psychological and social benefits of active music participation for the elderly.

We are extremely grateful to Prudential Singapore for their support and belief in The Philharmonic Orchestra, Singapore. Their generous sponsorship helps to sustain the orchestra's artistic programme and ensure that our work continues to grow.